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husband beater 22-Jul-20 12:55 AM
@everyone Server rebuild starts now. I'm going to reorganize things a bit
husband beater 22-Jul-20 01:39 AM
@everyone #role-picker is back up and running. Go get your roles. Invite your friends if you can. (edited)
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husband beater 22-Jul-20 06:19 PM
@everyone Go ahead and join the Nightlight discord and send @Jampoint clips of you fighting bots in TF2! We're making a bot domination montage. See #partners for details.
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husband beater 23-Jul-20 06:25 PM
everyone 24-Jul-20 06:15 AM
Gday all,i have came here to remember you that TF2 Classic is out
husband beater 24-Jul-20 09:32 AM
@everyone If you guys cant take this server seriously I'm going to have to start banning people. Rule 8: Keep channels on topic. #cheater-talk is now open.
Hosts™ 24-Jul-20 07:50 PM
join this group chat if you want,i'm not forcing you (edited)
husband beater 26-Jul-20 11:36 PM
husband beater 27-Jul-20 05:41 PM
Wow you were right. Their aimbots suck. @everyone
husband beater 29-Jul-20 06:05 AM
@everyone こんいちあ!
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everyone 29-Jul-20 06:25 AM
DemoWreck 29-Jul-20 06:25 AM
hnnnngtgthhhh boy pretty
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husband beater 29-Jul-20 05:31 PM
@everyone We now have a report form for reporting issues with other users. Please do not abuse it.
husband beater 30-Jul-20 10:19 PM
@everyone To prevent toxicity, at the request of @Brodey Bartlett, I'm making the venting channels open only to people who opt in to see them. Please get the appropriate roles at #sensitive-content
husband beater 31-Jul-20 05:01 AM
@everyone go to TF2, we have our own server now
husband beater 31-Jul-20 06:03 PM
Hosts™ 31-Jul-20 06:06 PM
don't join in yet,quizno bots are joining our server
husband beater 01-Aug-20 06:38 PM
@everyone I have a HUD for you guys to try out.
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Community Updates BOT 01-Aug-20 08:41 PM
This channel has been set up to receive official Discord announcements for admins and moderators of Community servers. We'll let you know about important updates, such as new moderation features or changes to your server's eligibility for Server Discovery, here. You can change which channel these messages are sent to at any time inside Server Settings. We recommend choosing your staff channel, as some information may be sensitive to your server. Thanks for choosing Discord as the place to build your community!
husband beater 01-Aug-20 08:44 PM
@everyone Unfortunately I have been forced to enable Discord's shitty content filter in order to actually get this working, so if you're unable to post something SFW because of the filter, put it in #shitpost.
everyone 02-Aug-20 03:14 AM
@everyone We got a bumping service! Mainly focused to promote the server in other groups! Get bumping soldiers at #bumpin!
husband beater 03-Aug-20 12:25 AM
@everyone join, hosting a pyroshark fight event.
at 1 pm CDT
husband beater 03-Aug-20 03:04 AM
New CS:GO video coming soon @everyone Oh also, Pyroshark event is cancelled. We don't really have enough participating members, sorry everyone.
husband beater 03-Aug-20 06:22 AM
when theres a tumor in your iris, you got cowona viwus. stay safe my friends.
husband beater 06-Aug-20 04:04 AM
@everyone Reminder to check #partners for other groups that need your help
husband beater 07-Aug-20 04:13 AM
@everyone We are looking for artists who can make an animated GIF for our server icon, the winner will be chosen to have theirs displayed on the server profile. We recommend using After Effects for Windows, but you can do what you want. It must loop perfectly, if it doesn't it will be adjusted. You may post your work in #general
husband beater 08-Aug-20 12:56 AM
@everyone Okay, contest is cancelled. I'm going to make a website for the ADC. Due to the costs of getting a proper HTTPS certificate from a CA, we can't host this website on our own server without disabling HTTPS. (Im too retarded to know how to do that.) Plus we would need to purchase a domain name. To solve this problem we're going to use a website builder (, weebly, simpledifferent, etc.) to make a placeholder site. I will alert you when the placeholder site is up.
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husband beater 09-Aug-20 02:30 AM
Our TF2 servers are going through their occasional maintenance checks. Donations to keep the server running are appreciated. @everyone (edited)
husband beater 09-Aug-20 06:07 AM
@everyone o.W.n. and other servers located in the Americas were just hit by an outage.
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husband beater 09-Aug-20 09:48 AM
husband beater 12-Aug-20 05:22 AM
Reminder that has a Server Launcher for Windows and GNU users:
husband beater 13-Aug-20 05:19 AM
@everyone Good afternoon America! Or noon or evening! whereever you're at. Here's your meme for today
husband beater 13-Aug-20 03:55 PM
@everyone dicking around on TF2, come join.
husband beater 14-Aug-20 12:02 PM
@Administrator @Moderators The SourceMod "calladmin" plugin will be installed onto our TF2 server soon. We suggest you stay active in the #reports channel and download the Windows client if needed:
[ANY] CallAdmin - Extended Report Mod Plugins
EDIT: The Windows client only works if the server has Sourcebans SQL integration. We aren't able to do this so you can forget about installing the Windows client right now. (edited)
husband beater 15-Aug-20 02:58 PM
husband beater 15-Aug-20 03:44 PM
it is done.
husband beater 15-Aug-20 04:07 PM
and it got copyright claimed immediately lol
everyone 16-Aug-20 11:20 PM
husband beater 17-Aug-20 11:01 PM
@everyone I have some important IRL stuff to take care of. Jampoint will look after ADC if and while I'm gone. (edited)
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husband beater 18-Aug-20 12:45 AM
No promises.
husband beater 19-Aug-20 09:54 AM
Might update the icon. @everyone (edited)
(Not this fast)
husband beater 19-Aug-20 01:15 PM
@everyone Things are looking up this evening, less IRL drama and stuff. Thank you guys for behaving yourselves. I may consider blending ADC and NL announcements together so that ADC gets Nightlight events and announcements
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husband beater 19-Aug-20 01:39 PM
Nightlight announcements will appear in #partner-announcements
husband beater 20-Aug-20 04:42 PM
@everyone We're still at 30-ish members. If you would please invite your friends and fellow members from the ADC steam group it would help us by alot!
Who are we? This is ADC Rebirth (Formerly known as APM, or Anti-Myg0t) This group is for people who want to share or discuss cheating and how to combat it. Click to read our rules and become a member Our mission We are here to inform Steam users about cheaters, and help combat...
husband beater 21-Aug-20 04:42 PM
@everyone Currently working out a partnership with BeanJr's community, expect to see some new members. Their server ad will appear in #partners
husband beater 21-Aug-20 05:31 PM
✞ y’all need jesus
husband beater 22-Aug-20 07:38 AM
@everyone Team Fortress 2 recieved some new cosmetics today as well as some exploit patches and of course--a PERMANENT Rick May tribute Dicks out for Valve
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everyone 22-Aug-20 07:39 AM
husband beater 23-Aug-20 11:26 AM
@everyone Hello, I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday night! Now might be a good time to remind you all that we don't just do TF2. Infact I remember running into a cheater in Robocraft (yes, seriously) some years ago. The cheater in question was named Racool, for anyone wondering. My point is, where there is competition, there is cheating. Don't be afraid to share your stories in #cheater-talk!
husband beater 24-Aug-20 10:04 AM
@everyone Today is TF2's Birthday! Log in to get a free noisemaker!
husband beater 25-Aug-20 06:25 AM
@everyone sike
husband beater 25-Aug-20 06:48 AM
@everyone We're hosting a movie night soon. You have two options. React 🌙 for 2001: A Space Odyssey, or ✈️ for Midway.
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Poll concluded. 4 - 2 We're doing Space Odyssey, I will tell you when the event starts.
husband beater 25-Aug-20 07:38 AM
I’m currently developing a game
husband beater 26-Aug-20 03:52 AM
@everyone Do not execute any files sent in #rival-announcements. They probably contain malware.
husband beater 30-Aug-20 12:06 PM
@everyone The Nightlight Partner Meetup is starting. We'll be heading into a Flux server, come join! steam://connect/
husband beater 30-Aug-20 01:31 PM
@everyone Movie night in 30 minutes! What movie do you wanna watch? 🅰️ South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut 🅱️ 2001: A Space Odyssey ❤️ Midway
❤️ 1
🅰️ 4
🅱️ 1
@Bonk's friends
If we don't get any more than 3 votes by 11 pm CDT the event will be postponed for an hour
@everyone The event begins in 20 minutes Please vote what movie you want to watch
husband beater 30-Aug-20 01:52 PM
@everyone 10 Minutes!
@everyone We're watching South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. Join me in VC in 2 minutes
husband beater 30-Aug-20 03:18 PM
@everyone Movie night is over, another event will be hosted in 2 weeks.
husband beater 01-Sep-20 10:38 PM
everyone 01-Sep-20 10:46 PM
can confirm,done it in home.
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