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husband beater 22-Jul-20 01:56 AM
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No NSFW Imagery, even in venting channels. The only exception is if it's related to a cheater or troll that we are documenting. If you must post an image that is graphic or NSFW, you MUST put a content warning and spoiler it, and it MUST be important, educational, or informative. Posting NSFW for the sake of posting it will not be tolerated. No spam except inside # bots-and-spam No excessively long usernames. Please, we have mobile users here. No bullying or harassment Racial slurs and harsh language are only tolerated if they are not to the extreme. Calling someone a "nigger" or a "faggot" will be met with punishment if it is meant seriously. Seizure-inducing visuals must be spoilered. Trolls can get the fuck out. NO CHEATING, HvH is fine. Administrators may make exceptions. NO PEDOPHILIA. I MEAN IT. NO SPYING on ADC or SNITCHING. I MEAN IT. Keep channels on topic. ADMINS: Don't remove bots, channels, or roles without my permission. ADMINS: Don't fight for control of a situation. If one of the staff is already handling an issue, don't interfere with it without discussing it with staff and planning it first. Fighting over who's solution is better will make a problem worse. ADMINS: Do not revoke the invite "CnnSvYF", it is used by our game servers and revoking it would require hours of reconfiguring our server messages. Ask staff if there are any problems. Admin role is pingable! You gain image permission after one hour.
husband beater 29-Jul-20 05:29 PM
If you need to contact an administrator, you may shoot us a friend request or DM. However, we prefer that you fill out this form instead, if you need to report naughty behavior: You will be asked for your email address. If you need to appeal, you may submit an appeal at Have fun (edited)
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