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Jampoint 21-Jul-20 11:05 PM
Essentially, the way I usually go is Minigun Heavy. Hide behind some walls/corners and when the bots come around, maul them down. In some maps, you can literally camp in an area, like DoubleCross.
The main minigun is what I usually use.
But I have some clips of me obliterating bots this way
Tovarisch Kiska 21-Jul-20 11:07 PM
For this strategy should use Heavy only or can use other classes like Pyro and Spy?
Jampoint 21-Jul-20 11:09 PM
Usually, classes above 150 health is the way to go. Spy is extremely iffy to use, but you could get away with it if you are lucky. Some bots have difficulty snapping onto a head for some weird reason. Pyro is interesting, since sometimes it can work, and other times, not so much.
Tovarisch Kiska 21-Jul-20 11:10 PM
Okay, thank you very much for help
Jampoint 21-Jul-20 11:10 PM
And I really do mean you can get lucky sometimes. One person killed a bot mutliple times with a fish, another butter knifed a bot.
I've gotten lucky just being a Scout
Tovarisch Kiska 21-Jul-20 11:12 PM
lol, those bots indeed not perfect
I usually just burned them fast when they don't shot me
Jampoint 21-Jul-20 11:13 PM
Yee, the wonders
I just say Heavy since it's the one you're going to be the most lucky with
Did you know: If you pulled out melee and crouch, some bots will not attack you? Some bots won't attack friendlies...for some weird reason. Perfect time to get an interesting kill.
Tovarisch Kiska 21-Jul-20 11:15 PM
Wow, I didn't know that
Shadow_Fox 21-Jul-20 11:16 PM
wow interesting
Jampoint 21-Jul-20 11:17 PM
Another interesting fact: Some bots will accept a duel instantly, mainly Myg0t bots. I've had a lot of fun dueling bots.
Shadow_Fox 21-Jul-20 11:18 PM
Tovarisch Kiska 21-Jul-20 11:18 PM
Oh, how to request duel?
Jampoint 21-Jul-20 11:18 PM
You need a dueling badge. Once you have it, equip it in your action slot, and press h. Then you can duel a bot.
Shadow_Fox 21-Jul-20 11:19 PM
what is a duel
Jampoint 21-Jul-20 11:19 PM
With a dueling badge, you can have duels with other players.
Very interesting
Tovarisch Kiska 21-Jul-20 11:19 PM
Oh and how to get it?
Jampoint 21-Jul-20 11:20 PM
You can get it from the store, trade it, maybe off the market, winning 10 duels, etc.
I can give you each a dueling badge if you want, I really don't mind
Tovarisch Kiska 21-Jul-20 11:21 PM
It would be really good
Shadow_Fox 21-Jul-20 11:21 PM
i don't need one
Jampoint 21-Jul-20 11:21 PM
Yee, just add and send an offer if you want
Shadow_Fox 21-Jul-20 11:22 PM
but thanks
Tovarisch Kiska 21-Jul-20 11:23 PM
which way we'll do this, trade or 10 duels?
Shadow_Fox 21-Jul-20 11:24 PM
also join my party we can dominate some bots @Tovarisch Kiska
Tovarisch Kiska 21-Jul-20 11:25 PM
which way we'll do this, trade or 10 duels?
@Jampoint sorry for ping
Jampoint 21-Jul-20 11:29 PM
Shadow_Fox 21-Jul-20 11:30 PM
i'll try a duel
Jampoint 21-Jul-20 11:32 PM
Alright, I sent both of you a dueling badge. There are 5 uses on each badge. Be sure to use them carefully, a use is counted when someone loses or disconnects in a duel.
Tovarisch Kiska 21-Jul-20 11:33 PM
Thank you, very much
Shadow_Fox 21-Jul-20 11:33 PM
ニコちゃん ΟωΟ 31-Jul-20 06:33 PM
Ok @Jampoint
So i found a thing that is weird
They can't kill us if we get to them too short distance
So we gonna use Jarate and Bushwacka to finish them and their Medic behind (if they have pocket Medic).
Sounds crazy but it worked many times for me.
☆Guilty☆ 31-Jul-20 07:17 PM
Haha demoknight skullcutter go crit
♡ Andrew ♡ 31-Jul-20 07:59 PM
I still like the try n true method of pocketing a sniper with the vac
The bots are super easy to quick scope since they walk quite slow and only in straight lines and are never jumping around
ニコちゃん ΟωΟ 31-Jul-20 08:25 PM
They can't do anything when we near them
Just grab Jarate with Bushwacka
Kur 01-Aug-20 05:53 PM
I just rocketbomb the shit out of them.
MintyT21 720p 01-Aug-20 07:49 PM
ebolalove 6
loadout i use to counter bots
Jampoint 01-Aug-20 07:50 PM
Thanks for sharing you have rabies Minty!
MintyT21 720p 01-Aug-20 07:50 PM
always has been
Kur 03-Aug-20 02:32 PM
Me when I kill a bot: 'top 10 anime betrayals'
TheCivilianRationsJar 20-Aug-20 12:58 AM
Recently my favorite method is a kritzkreig medic and a holiday munch heavy, mix In some other bot stompers and your good to go
Kur 20-Aug-20 01:24 AM
I like to go after them when they're already chasing down another player
They wont turn around until they get a kill
Zak[DZ] 31-Aug-20 06:12 AM
A very good counter measure suggested to me by a cheats developer is to manipulate the alpha levels , unfortunately this requires admin permissions on community servers , but on the bright side no cheat has alpha detection features ( at least for the current time)
So even though this doesnt apply for countering bots whom can be spotted easily, this is used for what i would consider a bigger threat which is normal players themselves on community servers , and they are increasing day by day
Angar 31-Aug-20 06:20 AM
What do you mean by alpha levels?
Zak[DZ] 31-Aug-20 06:21 AM
If alpha is set 0 the player becomes invisible
Higher levels will result in an almost transparent state
Kur 31-Aug-20 01:35 PM
Wait so, if you set your playermodel opacity to 0, the cheat software won't even recognize you?
Zak[DZ] 31-Aug-20 03:09 PM
It wont detect that the targeted player is invisible therefore it would shoot him dead , not vice-versa
Giving you or any spectator a clear sign of an aim assistant software
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