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Jampoint 16-Jul-20 07:56 PM
Here's a dancing pug to make you guys feel better ebolalove
doompostal 16-Jul-20 07:57 PM
bloo doggo
Jampoint 22-Jul-20 03:25 AM
More things to make you feel better:
:] ►Twitter ►Discord ►Steam Group ►Patreon Music: Lil Boom - AlReady Dead (Omae wa Mou)
The Punisher 22-Jul-20 03:26 AM
Now I feel bad each time I destroy a sentry with my Boyfriend Soldier.
Jampoint 22-Jul-20 03:27 AM
Kur 22-Jul-20 03:43 AM
The Punisher 27-Jul-20 08:06 PM
Actually, a good suggestion would be a therapy-channel.
I will gladly become one despite that I'm a 15 year old.
Jampoint 27-Jul-20 08:06 PM
That's essentially what this channel is, a place for wholesomeness as well as a place to vent.
Jampoint 01-Aug-20 12:24 AM
@Aris Keep it serious here please
Aris 01-Aug-20 12:29 AM
i legit was not trying to meme or anything
just wanted to post an image of 2fort
i kinda like the map so i posted here
MintyT21 720p 01-Aug-20 12:45 AM
he likes 2_fort
Jampoint 02-Aug-20 12:45 AM
Quarantine making you feel down? Here's a great song you should see!
Text ZEN to +1 (917) 905-3776! “Zen” is out now: Director: Kristine Flaherty and Evgenia Strukova Producer: Dmitry Tokoyakov Production Company: Green Light Follow X Ambassadors:
ニコちゃん ΟωΟ 02-Aug-20 12:45 AM
I'm listening to Gorillaz
Do Ya Thing
Caleb(Iodinium) 06-Aug-20 11:33 PM
I'm going insane
Jampoint 06-Aug-20 11:33 PM
What's up?
@Caleb(Iodinium) You alright?
Caleb(Iodinium) 06-Aug-20 11:35 PM
I don't know, I have emotional breakdowns.
the last time I had one was back at beginning of July.
Jampoint 06-Aug-20 11:37 PM
Do you think you may be at the edge of one right now?
Caleb(Iodinium) 06-Aug-20 11:37 PM
Not at the moment.
All I would do was cry then question my life choices.
Jampoint 06-Aug-20 11:41 PM
You don't need to question your life choices, especially when you are so young. Let's face it, you haven't even graduated from high school yet. And even then so, any problem you face in life can be resolved, even if it doesn't seem like it can. I greatly recommend you talk with your family, friends, or someone you can trust in general, since they know you much more better. And even if you don't think they can help you, we're here for you and care for you. If you need to cry, go ahead and cry, since no one would judge you.
Caleb(Iodinium) 06-Aug-20 11:43 PM
Thanks, I appreciate that.
Jampoint 06-Aug-20 11:44 PM
If you ever need to vent any more here or just need someone to talk to, we're here for you. And continue talking if you need to! This place is a safe space.
Caleb(Iodinium) 27-Aug-20 10:13 PM
I'm going to need time off due to personal garbage in my life.
Jampoint 27-Aug-20 10:14 PM
That's totally fine. If you want to discuss it here, go right ahead.
Caleb(Iodinium) 27-Aug-20 10:14 PM
I'd rather not, it's a really sore subject.
I only bring it up to close friends or to people I trust in private.
Jampoint 27-Aug-20 10:17 PM
That's totally fine
Kur 28-Aug-20 01:43 AM
furokay_hand valkcry
ScoutBox 28-Aug-20 05:48 PM
I thought this year couldn't get worse but looks like it has college is a ride which I kind of guessed, but my only grandpa I ever had is dying I guess things are really turning out for the worse
Kur 28-Aug-20 07:07 PM
i had a huge emotional episode just this evening that im still recovering from. Fuck you Bank. Fuck you. Fuck you and the people who made you. Fuck you and your schoolbus of little slaves you call "friends." Fuck you. Fuck you ALL the way, Bank. I trusted you with my heart and you ate me up like I was yours only to dump me like we didn't ever meet and accuse me of "harassing you" for attention from your little group of simps. Forget about the fact that I spent all this time caring for you when Jacklen and everyone else fucking wouldn't. It's not like I tried to include you in friendly activities because I fucking loved you, Bank. Its not like I've tried several times to understand you and get you to feel better only for you to treat me like shit, Bank. Its not like I don't put up with your shit CONSTANTLY fearing that I'll fuck up, Bank. Fuck you Bank. Fuck you.
i won't ever trust anybody again.
ScoutBox 28-Aug-20 07:14 PM
it happens man and you will trust people again, but right now you just need time to recover and it's okay that you be selfish about it.
Caleb(Iodinium) 28-Aug-20 09:06 PM
I'm still not better.
Jampoint 28-Aug-20 09:06 PM
It doesn't take 24 hours to be 100% better, take some time
Caleb(Iodinium) 28-Aug-20 09:06 PM
It's been nearly 7 months.
And it's has only gotten worse.
Jampoint 28-Aug-20 09:08 PM
Bro if you need to talk in DMs, go ahead. I can't help you much if I don't know what's going on.
However, we'll still be here for you
Caleb(Iodinium) 28-Aug-20 09:09 PM
It's just a really weird subject.
And I honestly shouldn't be worrying about it.
Jampoint 28-Aug-20 09:10 PM
Nah, you can discuss it. I rather not have any of my members going off the deep end just because they think what they are upset about is dumb
Caleb(Iodinium) 28-Aug-20 09:11 PM
Can I talk to you through pms?
Jampoint 28-Aug-20 09:12 PM
Of course, that's what I said can happen
CrazyZack07 30-Aug-20 07:15 PM
I get this isn't much but I'm starting to get really fucking annoyed.
Basically, I have a gf and I have a friend. Now on valentine, we're bout to go on a valentine days date when this friend comes up to talk to me. SHE FUCKING INVITES HIM TO COME ALONG.
Then, we go to eat, then she has to go early because shes going to the cinema with her friends and her brother who also came along.
So me and the friend are left there in the place eating and I have to call dad to pick me up (We lived pretty far from where we were eating)
I'm honestly thinking she's going out with him behind my back.
This is just one of the things
like another thing is that they constantly go to clubs and events together. Yes they were friends before this.
Kur 30-Aug-20 07:19 PM
I'd ask her about it. see how she reacts
CrazyZack07 30-Aug-20 07:19 PM
I cant ask her yet, I'll wait till everythings back to normal and we're back to school. (edited)
Another thing is, ok so she'll rest her head on my shoulder if she's tired. She does this quite a bit. I get a pic of her doing this to the friend.
(They were at one of those clubs I were talking about, it was a dnd club her father runs)
(not clubs as in night clubs)
ScoutBox 30-Aug-20 11:23 PM
look CrazyZack if you wait then your going to feel worse and worse because of you feeling like that then it will hurt more if you wait trust me I have been there once and it hurt
CrazyZack07 31-Aug-20 05:00 AM
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